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Secrets of the Gem Trade - Second Edition: The Con..
Gary Roskin
The Ultimate Orient − The Quest for the Perfect Pe..
Cynthia Unninayar
Gem & Jewelry Highlights from the March Twin S..
Cynthia Unninayar
Trending in Tucson
Cynthia Unninayar
Paris Fashion Week: High-End Jewelry Abounds
Marie Chabrol
Gold Sheen™ Sapphires – From Gold Mine to Market
Cynthia Unninayar
So, What Is IVORY?
Maggie Campbell Pedersen
CITES and Products of Endangered and Threatened Sp..
Charles I. Carmona
Precious Corals
Rui Galopim de Carvalho
Baltic Amber The Artistic Context
Anna Sobecka and Michał Kosior
Inclusions in Baltic Amber
Elżbieta Sontag
Amber Through the Eyes of a Geologist
Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz