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Garden Variety
Taylor, Rachael
Crystal Clear the industry's journey toward t..
Taylor, Rachael
Mining For Information
Picture Perfect
Dazzling By Design
Mixed Results at the Hong Kong September Shows - T..
Cynthia Unninayar
The 58th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair - Changin..
Cynthia Unninayar
Vintage and Historical Jewelry at Paris Biennale
Marie Chabrol
Faceting as a Factor of Gemstone Appraisal on Tomo..
Victor Tuzlukov
The Bright Purple Garnet: A New Find in Mozambique
Dietmar Schwarz, Pattama Danchalermnon and Zoe Michelou
GemTOF: A Pioneering Technique in Gemology
Hao A.O. Wang, Laurent E. Cartier and Michael S. Krzemnicki
Gems & Jewelry TV: A Worldwide Retail Window
Cynthia Unninayar