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The Newly Expanded Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum of Id..
Peter C. Keller
Padparadscha: What's in a Name?
Robert Crowningshield
Carving Gem-Quality Opal
Theodore Grussing
Tugtupite: A Gemstone from Greenland
Aage Jensen and Ole V. Petersen
The Natural Formation and Occurrence of Green Quar..
Thomas R. Paradise
Some Observations on the Treatment of Lavender Jad..
John I. Koivula
Jade Forms from Ancient China
Evelyn Tucker
Artificially Induced Color in Amethyst-Citrine Qua..
Kurt Nassau
Roman sapphire intaglio
M.S. Krzemnicki
Colour varieties of gems - Where to set the bounda..
M.S. Krzemnicki
Age dating on ruby set in iconic ruby necklace by ..
M.S. Krzemnicki and H.A.O. Wang
The resurrection of synthetic coloured stones
M.S. Krzemnicki