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Education in Gemology – A Historical Review
The Journey of Ethics ‒ A Review of Responsible So..
Laurent E. Cartier
The Evolution of Pricing & Value of Gems and J..
Helen Molesworth
Field Gemology – The Evolution of Data Collection
Vincent Pardieu
Mine to Market – Evolution of the Rough Trade
Sir-Faraz "Farooq" Hashmi
The Colored Gemstone Mining Industry in Africa – 2..
Cédric Simonet
Evolution of the Study of Gem Deposit Geology
Aaron C. Palke and Wim Vertriest
The Stars Are Always Shining
Cynthia Unninayar
Color Varieties of Gems – Where To Set the Boundar..
M.S. Krzemnicki, L.E. Cartier et al.
Two Decades of GIT's Ruby and Sapphire Color ..
T. Leelawatanasuk, W. Atichat et al.
American Gems – New Sources of Inspiration for the..
Emmanuel Thoreux
Fanciful & Fabulous Fire Agate
Philip Rothengatter