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Treasures in Tucson
Cynthia Unninayar
Fine Jewelry Continues to Evolve
Marie Chabrol
Jewelry As Art – The MAD Galerie Des Bijoux
Marie-Laure Cassius-Duranton
The Growing Attraction of Things Old
Ioannis Alexandris
Pearls – Evolution in the Sector, Production and T..
Kenneth Scarratt and Stefanos Karampelas
Education in Gemology – A Historical Review
Marketing Gems & Jewelry – From Past to Presen..
Richa Goyal Sikri
The Journey of Ethics ‒ A Review of Responsible So..
Laurent E. Cartier
The Lapidary Revolution
Glenn Wm. Lehrer
The Evolution of the Lapidary Tradition
Justin K Prim
The Evolution of Pricing & Value of Gems and J..
Helen Molesworth
Field Gemology – The Evolution of Data Collection
Vincent Pardieu